Tattoo Inspiration Gallery


This gallery is continuously evolving, so please check back occasionally


We are particularly fond of this slice of Americana: defined by bold lines and strong color. This style of tattooing will look great on you many years after you get the piece.  It’s nice that it’s made a comeback! We chose Sailor Jerry designs to show you; in the late 1960s, Jerry showed Ed Hardy some pointers in design, and in the late 70s Ed shared that info with Bob Roberts. In the early 80’s Bob taught that same drawing style to a young Joe Vegas.   You might like to sip on Sailor Jerry rum, but in fact, Jerry wasn’t a rum drinker at all. It’s history!


Japanese style, this is what Thunderbolt Tattoo is known for. Designs that flow with your body, usually framed with some black and grey background that helps define your shape. We openly study all kinds of Asian themed tattooing.

You can choose something Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, etc... we love Asian art, and know a lot about it!