30+ years experience / japanese and classic style tattoos

Joe designs one of a kind tattoos that flow with the wearer’s body to produce a clean, bright, stunning look. He credits his compelling sense of design to his worldwide travels and extended stays Tattooing in Japan where he was able to observe and absorb the skills of Japan’s master tattoo artists and painters. Always working to refine his drawing skills, Joe studied at the Art-Center College of design in Pasadena California. Vegas’ Tattoo work is primarily influenced by Bob Roberts (who Joe apprenticed with in 1984), Ed Hardy, Zeke Owen, and Horiyoshi 3. “Not only have their creative talents influenced my work, I’m also very fortunate to be friends with these Masters of Tattooing as well”.

Gifted with a terrific sense of humor and easy going nature, Vegas makes even the most nervous of clients feel relaxed and completely at ease under his steady hand.

Joe’s client list includes members of the Stray-Cats, the Black Crows, the Cramps, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Train, Motley-Crue (including Tommy Lee), Sugarland, Social Distortion, and centerfold models from Playboy-U.K., Playboy-Greece, and American Playboy. A quick look at Vegas’ cell phone revealed that he had most of these people on speed dial.

Joe Vegas with Robert Downey Jr.

Joe relocated to Atlanta in 2007 from the San Francisco Bay area where he had most recently worked at Freddy Corbin’s legendary Temple-Tattoo for 4 years. Prior to that, Joe could be found at Bob Robert’s Spotlight Tattoo in Los Angeles in between his trips back and fourth to tattoo in Japan, Miami, and Amsterdam.

Joe & Horiyoshi III, Master Tattoo Artist of Irezumi (Horimono)

Joe & Horiyoshi III, Master Tattoo Artist of Irezumi (Horimono)