Chad's Vegas APP Adventure


Hey everyone, Chad here; I just wanted to tell you all about my annual trip to Las Vegas for the 2018 Association of Professional Piercers Conference. It is consistently the highlight of my year.

We get all the best piercers from around the world under one hotel for one week and host classes and workshops of all kinds to teach all the new piercing techniques and learn about how to bring a safer/more fun experience to all of you. It really is the experience of a lifetime to have that many like-minded people under one roof, not to mention just being in proximity of the legends of the industry. You leave with so many new friends every time you go, along with an inspiration to keep getting better at what I do.

While we're in Vegas we like to live it up too, and this year was no different. We got a nice group of piercer/car enthusiasts and all rented supercars to go drive around the desert, so I spent the day driving a Lamborghini way too fast and way too close to another just as expensive Ferrari. I love the extra-ness of piercers.

Another perk of attending is the jewelry exposition, the biggest body jewelry sales floor of its kind, where I can pick up new jewelry, check the new styles available and take a peek at some of the new trends of the year. So come down and check out what I scooped up this year!

Love you all, Chad.