Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Tattoo Questions

  1. How old do I need to be to get a Tattoo in Georgia?
    The legal age for tattoo in GA is 18. 
  2. If i’m under 18, can I get a tattoo with a parent or guardian present, or have them fill out a consent form?
    Sorry, No. You have to be at least 18 to get a tattoo, no exceptions.

  3. Does getting a tattoo hurt?
    Yes, it hurts a little. You’ll be fine, honest!  Pro-tip: stay relaxed and it will hurt less.
  4. Can I bring my own design?
    Yes! Show us a design or ask us to draw something for you, it’s no problem.  We are here to work with you

  5. Do you charge by the hour, or by the piece?
    It depends. For larger tattoos, we charge by the hour.  If a tattoo is as big as your hand (or smaller) we can usually tell you a flat price. 

  6. If I get a tattoo at Thunderbolt, can I get a free touch-up?
    Yes, of course – as long as it’s not on your finger.

  7. How long does it take a tattoo to heal?
    A good tattoo typically heals in 2 weeks.  

  8. Can I go in direct sunlight or the beach a week after I get a tattoo?
    Not a good idea.  You need to keep a new tattoo out of the sun for a minimum of 2 weeks.
    If you're planning a beach trip then let’s do your tattoo when you get back from vacation!

  9. Can I bring friends with me when I get a tattoo? 
    in Georgia, health codes will permit us to only allow 1 “friend” with you in the work area.  Just like when getting a haircut, bringing a large group with you is discouraged.

  10. Can I use numbing cream when I get my tattoo?
    Yes, but they don’t work very well with tattooing. Keep in mind that it doesn’t hurt that much, and a numbing cream might affect how a tattoo heals.

  11. Can tattoos be removed?
    Yes, we can recommend a laser clinic for you to remove some unwanted tattooing.  However, if you are thinking about getting a new tattoo, but possibly getting it removed later; just don’t get it! Newer tattoos are very hard to laser off.

  12. Can I get a tattoo with white ink?
    Rarely will we do this; it usually looks like a scar afterwards. 

  13. Does Thunderbolt Tattoo take walk ins?
    We do! However it’s best to make an appointment, or at least call us before you drive here to check availability

Frequently Asked Piercing Questions

  1. How much does a piercing cost?
    Piercings are charged the piercing fee plus the cost of jewelry. Jewelry for initial piercings start at $30 – $40.
    Piercing Fee: $30 (Anything pierced as a pair, only one piercing fee is charged. Eg. Earlobes, Nipples, Double helix piercings)
  2. Do I need an appointment to get piercing at Thunderbolt Tattoo?
    While we do walk-ins, it is on a first-come first-served basis and it is encouraged to make an appointment online. Online appointments will receive $5 off their piercing fee.  Book an online appointment here.
  3. What do I need to bring to my appointment?
    You will need to bring a photo I.D. with a birthdate on it.
  4. What kind of jewelry do you use?
    All of the jewelry sold for initial piercings is 1 of 3 materials, Niobium, implant-grade titanium and 14k–18k solid gold.
  5. Can I bring my own jewelry?
    We guarantee all of our piercings are wearing the highest quality implant-grade jewelry available on the market, as such we have an absolutely no outside jewelry policy. However, if you have jewelry you purchased here, we would be happy to reprocess it and use it for you at no additional charge.
  6. Do you use a piercing gun?
    Absolutely not. Piercing guns are unsafe and unsanitary and shouldn't be used for any piercings in the body or ears.
  7. Is it safe?
    We take safety very seriously at Thunderbolt and believe that everyone deserves a professional, safe, and clean piercing and go to the furthest lengths to bring that. Every piercing or jewelry installation is fully disposable at our studio, and what that means is if we use something (tools, tapers, needles) it gets thrown away and is never used again. Everything that comes in contact with you was made and sterilized specifically for you. Our sterilizers are tested and monitored every two weeks via a third party to make sure they are working to their very best. 
  8. How do I take care of my piercing?
    We recommend thoroughly rinsing your piercing 1-2 times a day with sterile saline wound wash and keeping it completely dry after. No other cleaning products need to be used on your piercing and take extra care to not touch your piercing with unwashed hands while it is still healing.
  9. Do you do the "snake eyes" piercing? 
    Due to the anatomy of the tongue and location of the piercing, this piercing has shown to be unsafe and cause rejection, scarring, and tooth damage. For these reasons, we do not perform any unsafe piercings.
  10. What threading does your jewelry have?
    We carry 2 threading styles here at Thunderbolt for our jewelry, internally-threaded and threadLESS. Internally threaded is different than what most people are used to in body jewelry, in that, instead of having the threads on the post that goes through your piercing, which is unsafe and can harbor bacteria and other nasties in the crevices of the threads, our threads are on the end that will screw on instead, giving a flush attachment and no extra space for anything to thrive in. We also carry a large selection of threadLESS jewelry, that has a thin post that inserts into the jewelry to lock it in. To take it apart you simply pull the front end off and to put it back on you just push it together.
  11. Where can I buy new jewelry?
    We recommend you only purchase body jewelry at a reputable piercing studio, as high-quality manufactures only sell directly to piercers. If you are searching for something that isn't in stock here, ask about it and we can either custom order it just for you, or locate what youre looking for at another local studio that carries high-quality body jewelry. If you are a client out of town, give us a call and with your location, we can help you find a reputable studio near you.
  12. Does body piercing hurt?
    While there is minimal discomfort, piercings are not extremely painful things to go through. While not everyones experience is the same, most people can handle their piercings with no problems whatsoever. 

If you have additional questions, feel free to call us today!