7+ years experience / Japanese Traditional and Black & Gray Realism tattoos

Even after tattooing for years, Proph Bundy still considers himself a full time student of the game.  A native of Roxbury, in the heart of Boston, Proph became a fixture here in the Atlanta tattoo-scene in 2011. After being a mural artist as a teen, Bundy then spent a decade in the field of graphic design; working on cover art with Hip Hop acts brought him here to Atlanta, where he landed an apprenticeship in tattooing, and changed the trajectory of his creative output.

With a body of work that reflects someone who’s been tattooing much longer, he’s the perfect example of the Phrase “you get out what you put in”. Developing fast as a well rounded tattooer, Proph considers his specialty to be adaptable in nearly any style; from Japanese traditional, to black & grey realism and portraiture, to elaborate lettering.

Proph’s understanding of tattooing, not only in terms of style, but also all types of clients and skin tones. Proph has an understanding of contrast and technical application that allows him to apply dynamic, readable tattoos on any skin tone, and because of this his clientele is a true reflection of the great city of Atlanta.

Outside of tattooing, Proph is an avid connoisseur of collectible Ralph Lauren clothing and classic Adidas sneakers.